Best Dental Schools in Canada


In this article, we will be exploring the best dental schools in Canada. Canada is known for having some of the best higher education institutions that offer various study programs, affordable tuition fees, student-friendly campuses, and job opportunities after graduation. Dental schools in Canada usually offer degree programs in Dentistry or Orthodontics that take four or five years to complete.

Most Canadian universities offering dental studies require international students to submit their Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) score, preferably of 19-20 points. Since dentistry degrees have high employability and salary potential, the university or college you choose to enroll in plays a significant role in determining the success of your career.

Best Dental Schools in Canada

To help you out, we have listed some of the top dental schools in Canada and provided in-depth information about their study degrees.

  1. University of British Columbia – Faculty of Dentistry The University of British Columbia (UBC), located in British Columbia, is one of the best public institutions in the region. The Faculty of Dentistry at UBC aims to develop future dentists by providing them with exceptional education, necessary facilities to examine oral problems, and engaging them in various research. On an international scale, the dental school of British Columbia is recognized as the best one for hosting the largest number of international students and giving them equal rights as domestic ones.

The learning methodology within Dentistry programs at UBC is mainly focused on group work and independent work. There are many clinical programs one can find in the Faculty of Dentistry, starting with undergraduate programs, which include Doctor of Dental Medicine and Dental Hygiene Degree, followed by Graduate Programs, Post-Graduate Programs, and Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program.

  1. University of Toronto – Faculty of Dentistry The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry is highly appreciated for its learning environment and accomplished professors who bring out the best in their students. First-year students are offered many options to practice their knowledge and strengthen their clinical skills. Along with that, undergraduate students are also taught how to practice the clinical care of the Faculty’s patients. The courses offered under the Faculty of Dentistry are segregated into two categories: didactic and clinical. Students who aim to become specialists in areas like endodontics or oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery are provided with graduate programs with specialist clinical training. A Master of Science Degree can last from two to four years, depending on the requirements of your speciality.
  2. McGill University – Faculty of Dentistry The Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University has significantly raised the quality of dental studies since its foundation in 1904. McGill University is the most multicultural higher educational institution in Canada and attracts countless international students from around the world. The Faculty of Dentistry is known for maintaining authority in meticulous research, oral health education, and dental surgery.

Prospective students of the Faculty of Dentistry can choose from a plethora of degree programs. The Undergraduate Dental Program is assigned to entry-level students, and it is expected to be committed to studying for four years. When it comes to graduate studies, the General Dental Education program includes Master’s of Dental Science (Thesis), Master’s of Dental Science (Non-Thesis), and Ph.D. in Oral Health Sciences.

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  1. Western University Schulich – School of Medicine & Dentistry The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University combines healthcare, medicine, and dentistry. Even though the dental school was founded 83 years later than the medical school, its teaching capacity is on the same scale as the other medical school. The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry provides dental education in Canada to both international and domestic students, and it consistently prepares and trains students who eventually become professionals who care for their communities’ dental needs.

The department of dentistry at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

  1. The Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University has been committed to providing students with an excellent education in preventing, diagnosing, and treating patients since its establishment in 1908. Students who choose to study dentistry at Dalhousie University will have the opportunity to learn and practice with internationally and nationally recognized academic staff at state-of-the-art laboratory and clinic facilities. The Faculty of Dentistry is located in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Dalhousie’s Carleton Campus, and has a long-standing history and tradition of excellence.

Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Dentistry offers diploma, undergraduate, and graduate programs in dentistry and dental hygiene, providing students with a strong foundation for successful careers in the challenging and rewarding dental profession. The Bachelor of Dental Hygiene program typically takes one to two years to complete, depending on whether students are enrolled full-time or part-time. Additionally, the Faculty of Dentistry offers three other programs: a Diploma in Dental Hygiene, a Doctor of Dental Surgery Qualifying Program, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

  1. The University of Alberta, established in 1908, is one of Canada’s and the world’s most distinguished and renowned universities. The School of Dentistry at the University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1917, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta became the first to offer dental instruction. The dental school boasts numerous top academics and researchers who provide exceptional instruction to their students. The main programs at the dental school include the Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Postgraduate Dentistry Course, Oral and Dental Care, and Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Furthermore, individuals who wish to continue their dental education, such as postgraduate dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental laboratory technicians, can choose from a wide range of excellent continuing education programs. Students can put their practical knowledge into practice at the University of Alberta Dental Clinic, the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, the University of Alberta Hospital, and other satellite dental clinics throughout Northern Alberta.

  1. Laval University is a French language institution and home to one of Canada’s top dental schools. The Faculty of Dentistry at Laval University welcomes talented students who are motivated to learn and develop their enormous potential. Enthusiastic teachers and staff support students on their path to success and encourage their tenacity. As a result, students at Laval University’s Dental School are prepared to meet the oral health needs of the population. Dental students and professors work with qualified dental personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to provide high-quality care to patients.

There are two separate student clinics at Laval University, one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students. The Faculty of Dentistry provides all necessary facilities for dental students to practice their profession effectively. Students learn how to plan treatments, make diagnoses, treat various conditions, develop prognoses, and enhance interpersonal skills with colleagues and patients in the field, from medication to the prevention of dental illnesses. Aspiring future dentists have numerous study options to choose from, including Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics, Gerodontology, and Periodontics.

  1. The Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Montreal is the largest French-speaking dental school in North America. The primary focus of the teaching clinic is to provide student training while also allowing them to offer professional services to the general public. Each year, dental students, supervised by professional dentists, provide oral health treatments to over 7,500 patients. The institution, which is ranked among Canada’s best dental schools, introduces students to the study of dentistry through specialized seminars for first-year students.

Along with high-quality studies, student life at the Faculty of Dentistry is quite adventurous. A team of students coordinates various activities.



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