How to Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad

How to Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad
How to Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad

It is possible to play Xbox video games on iOS and iPadOS and play with your iPhone and iPad even though xCloud is not supported.

How to Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad

Android devices can play Xbox games on their devices using xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud streaming service. xCloud isn’t available for iOS right now, but there are other ways to play Xbox games on your iPhone or iPad.

With Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate for xCloud, subscribers can play more than 100 games on their mobile devices. Games are played on the device from the cloud. However, this is not available for Apple devices because the company does not allow games to be available outside of the iOS App Store.

In either case, iOS users can use their iPhone or iPad as a display for Xbox games. The official Xbox app allows you to play from your console to a mobile device. The Xbox One dashboard can appear on a mobile device as a stream.

Thanks to this function, the screen of your iPhone or iPad can be used as a screen and control commands can be sent via a Bluetooth remote.

This method has several drawbacks, as it means that you only have access to the games that are installed on your console. Also, since your Xbox One is playing on your device, it cannot be used by any other member of your family at the same time. If the streaming occurs through xCloud, the console can be used for other things.

The advantage is that when you play Xbox games within your home network, the TV can at least serve as a way for others to watch the game.

The Xbox app will eventually mimic Sony’s PS4 Remote Play app, with which PS4 games have been able to play wirelessly on other devices for years. The new Xbox app for iOS is coming soon, there is already a beta version under test.


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